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okay, here’s a very quick tutorial as requested on how to get do the above falling squares effect. I made this graphic a while ago so bear with me if this is a bit vague, but i hope it’s helpful! it’s not hard at all, just requires changing brush settings on photoshop.

first select the brush tool, and we need to get a square brush. Click the little settings/gear icon thing at the top of the menu where you change brushes:

On the drop-down that appears, choose ‘Square Brushes’. Your brush selection changes to a bunch of square ones; they seem to all be the same so just go with any one.

then we need to change the settings of the brush, so go to Window > Brush.

everything else can pretty much be set to zero/default.

Now when you try drawing a random brush stroke, it looks like this:

snazzy. and that’s really all you need; to do the rest of the graphic, I just made the squares the same colour as the rest of the picture and applied my colouring to the whole thing so it blends in.

as a finishing touch, you should do the exact same settings on the eraser tool, and slightly erase some of the bottom of the picture you’re using so there isn’t an obvious flat edge. this way the ‘falling away’ effect looks more realistic.

and that’s it! :D

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