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songs for jim kirk, chasing the stars with everything he’s got, the captain who will always rise again to shine so fiercely and so brightly that you think he holds entire constellations in his soul
i. brand new - degausser // i can’t shake this little feeling i’ll never get anything right
ii. rilo kiley - a better son/daughter // your ship may be coming in, you’re weak but not giving in
iii. onerepublic - counting stars // everything that downs me makes me wanna fly
iv. tyrone wells - sink or swim // this could be a shipwreck on the shore or we could sail away forever more
v. all time low - guts // honestly, i’ve got the guts to say anything
vi. imagine dragons - cover up // and then we grabbed the sun and it shined into these eyes
vii. steel train - bullet // run, run, run from the devil in disguise like a bullet, a bullet, a bullet into the night
viii. the killers - be still // rise up like the sun, labour til the work is done
ix. coldplay - atlas // i’ll carry your world, carry your world and all your hurt
x. m83 - moonchild // raise your arms the highest you can so the whole universe will glow
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